Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We got shacked! Updated with pics!

This morning we packed up our dirty cloths and walked up into Chinatown to the nearest laundrette. It was such an experience, Vinnie made friends with a dear old Chinese woman who helped him to work out the washing machine. She even went as far as to give us washing liquid and started it. We felt very welcomed as the only other customers where Chinese seniors, most of whom couldn’t speak a word of English!

Washing done, we headed off to complete our site seeing of San Francisco. We walked throughout the financial district. I was left very emotionally distraught when I witnessed a Seagull attack a pigeon. It grabbed it by the neck, killed it with several blows to the ground, and then proceeded to eat it. I’m still in shock.

We headed down to the pier to be treated with amazing views of the Bay Bridge. We also got to sample some fresh local produce from an organic farmers market. The tomatoes where unlike anything I had ever tasted.

Taking in a route via the Transamerica building, we headed north through North Beach where we sampled some Italian/French pastry treats, we climbed the hills to telegraph tower to take in the sites of the city from the Coit Tower.

Heading west, we walked across town and up to Lombard Street, most famously known as the Crooked Street.

Returning back to Union square via China town, we eat more Thai Food and retired back to the hotel for a rest. That evening we headed to the “Stud” to take in the world famous “Trannyshack” drag show. Again we weren’t bowled over with the show. It could have been more risqué and longer. Nevertheless we enjoyed. We also managed to meet with Rentecca!

Tomorrow is our last day in San Francisco, we head to New York tomorrow night, taking in an over night flight to the City.


pog mo thoin said...

Are you guys going to be in NYC around the 9th? If so, we are definitely meeting for coffee! Somewhere midtown maybe? Before I have to catch a train at Grand Central and report to CT for bulldog sitting duty.

Unknown said...

Nope, we're leaving NYC on the 5th.