Sunday, September 03, 2006

We’re going to be “popular”!

With sore heads from the night before, we finally made it out of bed and hit 5th avenue after 12pm. After visiting the very impressive new Apple Store (Customer service wasn’t great, the San Francisco one is miles better), we headed to Broadway.

En route we noticed an increase in the number of people wearing “Brazil” t-shirts. It was Brazil Day! More on that later. We grabbed some food from a small deli and headed over to the Gershwin Theatre to see the very impressive musical Wicked! We’d paid full rate tickets, which are rare enough two days ago. It was so well worth it. The musical tells the story of the “land of oz” before Dorothy landed, revealing how the Wicked Witch became wicked. I cried throughout, whilst Vinnie awed the amazing set and lighting. Songs include “defying gravity” and “popular”. It’s a MUST!

Afterwards we strolled along 6th Avenue, which had been completely closed off to accommodate the Brazil Day carnival and show. The sights, sounds and smells where something else.

We’re heading downtown tonight, so we’ll report on that tomorrow.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Entry coming soon. Too much to do!!

Entry coming soon. Too much to do!! But we're going to see Wicked tomorrow!!! Can't wait!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Entry coming soon. Too much to do!!

Entry coming soon. Too much to do!!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

We’ve bitten the big apple

After a 5 hour overnight flight, we arrived in Newark, New Jersey just after 8am Eastern Summer Time. New York City is connected to the airport by the local New Jersey rail network. Taking that and a subway we arrived at our hotel, the Hudson around 11am EST.

Check in wasn’t until 3pm, so we left our bags with the bell boy and hit the town. Walking down 5th Avenue we saw the new Abercrombie and Fitch store, which looked amazing. There was a great buzz about town as the MTV Video Music awards are being held that evening from Radio City Music hall.

We decided to see the film “World Trade Center” in AMC Cinemas on 42nd Street. It’s the new Oliver Stone film, documenting 9/11 from the viewpoint of two cops. It was okay.

Heading back towards Broadway, we picked up tickets from the “relocated” TKTS stand for that evenings performance of the new musical “The Wedding Singer”. The tickets where 50% off and where for the 8pm performance.

We headed back to the hotel to check in. By the time we left, it was after 5pm, so we took in some food before heading to the Musical. Afterwards to headed to Therapy on 52nd Street for a drink then back to the hotel for an early night.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So Long San Francisco

So today was our last day in San Francisco. The week has flown in so quickly, we’ve both really enjoyed our time here and really find it hard to leave. Our flight wasn’t until 11:45pm, so it gave us a whole day to finish off any final shopping and pack. We’d booked into the hotel until tomorrow, which was great as it meant we didn’t have to check out early.

We spent the early morning/afternoon in the Castro, where we had lunch in Harvey’s. Making our way back to Union Square, we finished our shopping/site seeing.

Packing our cases took quite some time, once completed we checked out and took the BART to the airport. Our allowance is 50lbs per bag; I was over by 16lbs with mine, so I had to unpack these into a second case which I packed. Our flight left a little late around midnight, flying overnight into New York.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We got shacked! Updated with pics!

This morning we packed up our dirty cloths and walked up into Chinatown to the nearest laundrette. It was such an experience, Vinnie made friends with a dear old Chinese woman who helped him to work out the washing machine. She even went as far as to give us washing liquid and started it. We felt very welcomed as the only other customers where Chinese seniors, most of whom couldn’t speak a word of English!

Washing done, we headed off to complete our site seeing of San Francisco. We walked throughout the financial district. I was left very emotionally distraught when I witnessed a Seagull attack a pigeon. It grabbed it by the neck, killed it with several blows to the ground, and then proceeded to eat it. I’m still in shock.

We headed down to the pier to be treated with amazing views of the Bay Bridge. We also got to sample some fresh local produce from an organic farmers market. The tomatoes where unlike anything I had ever tasted.

Taking in a route via the Transamerica building, we headed north through North Beach where we sampled some Italian/French pastry treats, we climbed the hills to telegraph tower to take in the sites of the city from the Coit Tower.

Heading west, we walked across town and up to Lombard Street, most famously known as the Crooked Street.

Returning back to Union square via China town, we eat more Thai Food and retired back to the hotel for a rest. That evening we headed to the “Stud” to take in the world famous “Trannyshack” drag show. Again we weren’t bowled over with the show. It could have been more risqué and longer. Nevertheless we enjoyed. We also managed to meet with Rentecca!

Tomorrow is our last day in San Francisco, we head to New York tomorrow night, taking in an over night flight to the City.

Monday, August 28, 2006

It’s all coming up roses

Today we visited the Golden Gate Park. It’s Americas oldest man made park, some 3 miles long and ½ mile wide. We took the 71 bus Market Street direct to the park.

We visited the botanicals gardens which where very well kept. It included many trails allowing you to get up close and personal with the plants from all over the world. We had to be careful as squirrels jumped over our heads in some of the most confined areas.

Located adjacent is the spectacular Japanese Tea Gardens. They consisted of a splendid array of Japanese gardens including a Zen one. Located in the heart is a Japanese tea room where Vin and I rested for some refreshing green tea.

Taking the 5 bus from Flosum Street, we headed back into the city for Thai food and some more shopping. We headed to the local gym to relax in the steam room before heading back to the Castro for a drink.