Sunday, September 03, 2006

We’re going to be “popular”!

With sore heads from the night before, we finally made it out of bed and hit 5th avenue after 12pm. After visiting the very impressive new Apple Store (Customer service wasn’t great, the San Francisco one is miles better), we headed to Broadway.

En route we noticed an increase in the number of people wearing “Brazil” t-shirts. It was Brazil Day! More on that later. We grabbed some food from a small deli and headed over to the Gershwin Theatre to see the very impressive musical Wicked! We’d paid full rate tickets, which are rare enough two days ago. It was so well worth it. The musical tells the story of the “land of oz” before Dorothy landed, revealing how the Wicked Witch became wicked. I cried throughout, whilst Vinnie awed the amazing set and lighting. Songs include “defying gravity” and “popular”. It’s a MUST!

Afterwards we strolled along 6th Avenue, which had been completely closed off to accommodate the Brazil Day carnival and show. The sights, sounds and smells where something else.

We’re heading downtown tonight, so we’ll report on that tomorrow.